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Radiance Solution to remove impurities and make your skin radiant. The serum is formulated with pure, 100% Vitamin C which helps in the reduction of acne, blackheads and deep cleansing of the pores.


The answer to the signs of aging

The answer to the signs of aging. Not only fights sunspots but also prevents wrinkles with 5 hyaluronic acids that act on different layers of skin. The result is soft, hydrated and regenerated skin for a new glow.


All the skin care a man needs!

A refreshing facial skincare for men, based on a combination of hyaluronic acids, antioxidants, and anti-aging properties; boosts skin defenses by activating a shield against aging factors.


What customers say

Virgina N.

I'm using the serum for a month now and I really love the result. The texture of my skin is better, lotion and cream absorbs faster and it leaves my skin fresh.

Maria G.

I love Serum vitamin C. It helps make my skin pure and radiant. I can see the difference after a few days of using it.

Marko G.

Suisse Lab is a brand that offers high quality products at an affordable price. Their after shave cream has the right consistency and smell, leaving your skin smooth and moisturized.

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